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PFC’s foundation of history and longevity, along with close attention to core values of integrity, accountability and professionalism, has supported sustainable growth over the company’s more than 100 years in business.

Working Together to Resolve Debt for Over 100 Years 

Founded in 1904, Professional Finance Company is a full service accounts receivable management organization. PFC is licensed nationally and all accounts are handled from our national call center in Greeley, Colorado. Professional Finance Company has grown to more than 175 employees, many with over 10 years of experience within the debt collection field. These valued employees assist both our clients and consumers in a number of ways, working together to resolve debt.


PFC provides accounts receivable management services to a national client base, through our core values of integrity, accountability, and professionalism. PFC’s collection strategy is to maximize recoveries quickly, efficiently and ethically. We work to develop long-term, successful partnerships with our clients. This is represented by 20+ year relationships we have with numerous clients.



Our debt collection services:

  • Healthcare debt collection

  • Financial debt collection

  • Retail debt collection

  • Commercial debt collection

"PFC has provided the quality of work we expect from an outside collection agency. Excellent performance has been shown in regard to customer service, reports, recoveries, inquiries and responsiveness to our everyday needs."
- Northglenn Ambulance

ACA International BBB - Professional Finance Company, Inc. International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.