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With today’s account volumes and billing complexities, it’s virtually impossible to manage all of your insurance AR without assistance.  Limited staff, lower retention rates, and a higher internal staffing cost creates the need for a cost effective way to ensure that account receivables are not aging without resolution. 

FPRS’s insurance follow up programs are designed to fit into our clients’ area of need thereby allowing internal staff to focus on current and/or higher revenue accounts.  While each client engagement is unique based on systems available, accesses authorized, and specific internal policies, FPRS attempts to take on as much responsibility for accounts placed into the project as reasonably necessary. We can take primary ownership of specified financial classes, manage smaller balance accounts, or create a “backstop” to capture accounts that have aged without proper attention. 

FPRS accomplishes these efforts by using dedicated, highly trained staff and access to all available client systems need for the purpose of resolving insurance accounts into cash for you.

"I have been to PFC's offices. While I am impressed with the facilities and technologies PFC employs to collect our accounts, the employees at PFC are the firm's best asset. From my company’s perspective, they have proven to be well trained, well lead, properly motivated and have consistently met and exceeded our expectations."
- Diversified Radiology of Colorado PC

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