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The PFC Difference

Why Use Professional Finance Company?

Professional Finance Company's guiding principle is to provide collection and accounts receivable support to your organization by working with your customers to resolve their obligations. PFC will recover the maximum amount of revenue in the shortest period of time, while representing your organization in an ethical and professional manner.

Our goal is to increase your bottom line while maintaining the integrity of your organization.


Without question, the heart of our agency is made up of our employees. It is important for all of our employees, regardless of job function, to understand the importance of what we do and how it affects our clients and the economy at large.


We will continue to be the industry leader by embracing change, fostering creativity and innovation, delivering results that exceed expectations, and providing world class service.


We believe in investing in technology in order to remain on the cutting edge and keep recoveries sharp. PFC always has and will continue to employ every available mechanism, technology and instrument to secure payment.

Client Services

At PFC, we take a partnership approach while servicing our clients. We are experts in distressed asset management. Our clients learn from our staff’s collective experience and we are committed to acting as a proactive advocate in showing clients how to reduce their delinquent accounts receivable. This approach is based on analyzing client needs and objectives, then developing solutions that will meet those needs.


An artful balance exists in the collection industry between consumer conflict resolution, and protecting our client’s financial interests. PFC's collectors are trained in conflict resolution, negotiation and are compassionate, yet effective.


As part of our company’s Vision Statement, we are committed to our community by providing support through philanthropy, involvement, leadership, and caring.

"All our experiences with the collection of accounts and customer service along with reporting have been excellent. On many occasions they have offered outstanding training services to our staff."
- Banner Health System

ACA International BBB - Professional Finance Company, Inc. International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.